Ethically made. Designed to last.

All of our products are designed with a purpose in mind. This keeps functionality at the heart of what we do, to ensure a product that not only looks great, but that you can rely on.

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Explore our Hemp collection. 

Hemp is often considered an environmental “super fibre” as it enriches the soil it grows on and adds rich organic matter to the topsoil, helping it retain moisture. Another thing is that it requires no pesticides.

Waterproof, and ready for all seasons.

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mindful of our impact

We strive to explore innovative ways to remain eco-friendly and sustainable. At every step of our development and production, we aim to minimise waste and look to improve our sustainability.

We currently produce in small quantities to prevent overproduction. All of our products are produced in-house by our small team in our workshop in Bratislava

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The Workshop & Store functions as both our workshop and showroom. We welcome you to visit our workshop & store and browse our products by appointment-only.

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